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Augustina - Careening for fresh bottompaint
   Careening for fresh bottompaint, Vanuatu.
Augustina - Anchored, Noumea, New Caledonia
   Anchored, Noumea, New Caledonia.

Augustina - Engine compartment, Lombardini 30 hp
    Engine compartment, Lombardini 30 hp.

Augustina -
   Headstay tang carbon wraps around x-beam.

Augustina - Stbd dagger board and shrouds
   Stbd dagger board and shrouds.

Augustina - Boom table, main sheet, running backstays
   Boom table, main sheet, running backstays.

Augustina - Port dagger board hull exit
   Port dagger board hull exit.

Augustina - Easily shifted with a flatbed
   Easily shifted with a flatbed.

Augustina, Motueka NZ, April 2004
   Motueka NZ, April 2004.

Augustina - Low tide launching
   Low tide launching.

Augustina - Brunswick heads, NSW, Australia
   Brunswick heads, NSW, Australia.