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SV Augustina - Performance cruising catamaran: Fast Boat 63

SV Augustina was designed by Chris Kinzel with the guidance of Walter Greene (Yarmouth, Maine, USA) and advice from a life times collection of contacts within the maritime trades.

SV Augustina was built over three years on Martha’s Vineyard USA, and in Lower Moutere New Zealand by the owner and hired help. Launched at Motueka, South island New Zealand, May 2004.

Since launching SV Augustina has logged 15,000 nm, including 8 Coral / Tasman sea crossings.

Principally SV Augustina has served as an operational platform/base for Project MARC carrying doctors and medicine to remoter Vanuatu, as well as a family cruising home.

"A comfortable and fast passage maker. She’s been able to out-run or stay with weather systems making for efficient and safe sailing (200-250nm daily averages, 350nm/day record to date). Set-up for short/single- handed sailing. All halyards & sheets, steering, engine, and electrical controls lead to one central, interior location, with 360 degree visibility. Over the past three years since launching, I have been refining and augmenting the details: better solid construction + performance = more enjoyment/peace of mind."

   Single handed, sailing fast.